As a runner, skier, cyclist, and outdoor enthusiast I was always bothered by cumbersome clothing and products that did not perform as they were advertised. I wanted to simplify my gear without giving up any warmth. I did not need fashion, I needed function.

MAXIT Designs started producing thermal wear in 1986. Our products are amazingly effective for a simple reason. We test out products in the way we believe to be the most important: actual performance situations. Lab tests and simulated weather conditions can only predict, in theory, how a product will perform. MAXIT does not stop there! We test our thermal wear on professional football players, mountain climbers, runners and cyclists in enviornments as harsh as Antarctica and Mt. Everest. When the windchill is -10° in a football stadium, the players do not care about theory. They want what works. When the mercury hits -35° on Mt. Everest, the mountaineer doesn't care about the hype of a million-dollar ad campaign. He wants what works. So when atheletes give us their suggestions, we listen. We refine and redesign. As a result, the world's most demanding athletes find our thermal wear impossible to beat at any price.

At MAXIT, we are committed to creating the very best products and to providing the very best customer service. If you know us, you know that we take these commitments seriously. If you've never tried MAXIT, we hope that you will, and we look forward to doing business with you.

Gail Ellison
MAXIT Designs, Inc.