Cottonwique fabric draws moisture to the outside…keeps you dry on the inside. The fabric in this shirt is based on a unique two-layered construction. The inner layer of Polyester fibers wicks moisture from the body to the outer cotton layer. The moisture is then dispersed over a large surface area away from the skin where it evaporates, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.

  Mock Longsleeve

Crew Shortsleeve

Mini-Mock Sleeveless

Crew Longsleeve
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Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL


Mock Longsleeve   Crew Shortsleeve   Mini-Mock Sleeveless   Crew Longsleeve  

The equipment managers of the NFL asked MAXIT to design a shirt for indoor stadiums and milder weather games that would eliminate the inherent problems of their conventional cotton turtlenecks. MAXIT took on the challenge. We designed, tested and re-tested. The NFL players and coaches took it to the field, and we proudly introduced THE ELIMINATOR SHIRT. Made of Cottonwique fabric, it's as cool and comfortable as cotton, only better! Our shirt eliminates the discomfort caused by wet, soggy garments. The Cottonwique fabric wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool and dry even in the most demanding workouts. Flat seam stitching makes our shirt comfortable under pads and jackets, eliminating the irritation caused by standard seems. Our 3" mock turtleneck eliminates the bulky, binding fit of traditional turtlenecks. Uncuffed sleeves never "tighten up" after washing, eliminating too-short, too-tight sleeves. Finally an extra 2" length in the back keeps the shirt tucked in. The ELIMINATOR - the new standard in milder weather athletic shirts. Ideal for all sports. Available in Mock, Turtle and Crew Neck styles.