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Testimony From Some of the Most Extreme Cold

Weather Professions!


Professional athletes, outfitters, scientists and avid hunters have all raved about the performance of our products. Our gear has been worn around the world from NFL playoff games, to cycling through the Italian Alps, to climbing Mt. Everest and even exploring the South Pole. If you think that’s an exageration then please read just some of the reviews we’ve recieved over the years.


Mike Davidson

Equipment Manager, Kansas City Chiefs Football, 2004

“I have been the equipment manager of the Kansas City Chiefs since 1989. Since that time, we have had the opportunity to test and wear many different performance and thermal wear clothing. MAXIT® was the original company to supply thermal wear product to the NFL. It has been our experience that MAXIT makes the best performance and thermal wear product. The quality of construction and fabric has always been the best.”

Greg Wiggins

Founder and Director AlpenQuest, LLC

“Since 1979 AlpenQuest has specialized in backcountry winter skills. We are synonymous with winter survival, backcountry skiing, avalanche safety, and ice climbing. My partner, Todd Warren and I never teach a course or venture into the winter environment without wearing MAXIT®. Proper clothing and the layer system is an essential part of our winter survival training, and MAXIT is an essential part of the clothing system. Your survival may depend on it.” No matter what winter adventure I am participating in, whether it be skiing, climbing, snowshoeing or snowcaving, I don’t have to worry about sweating when I am wearing MAXIT. I know that it will be dry within 2 minutes after I stop.”

Rick Kinmon

Alaskan Big Game Guide

“I’m an author and a big game guide in Alaska and I specialize in Arctic Expeditions, so cold weather gear is of the utmost importance to me. I’ve tried virtually every other face mask made over the last 30 years and yours, the HOTHEAD®, is the ONLY one I’ve found that maintains elasticity in extreme cold. I’ve personally tested it in -72 F with windchill exceeding -120 F. Even with frozen exhaled breath clinging to it, it springs back into place. When worn alone, it has kept me warm and protected my skin at subzero temperatures. Thanks for making a quality product that really makes a difference.”

Cynthia B. Mueller

Team Director, International Trans-Antarctica Expedition

“When I requested more HEADGATORS® to send to the team in Antarctica, consensus was that your product was fantastic. The HEADGATOR kept the cold out, and although the men perspired during their long days of skiing in mild temperatures (-20 degrees F was considered mild) they never got wet. Your product did not hold moisture, which is crucial in Antarctic conditions. Again, thanks for providing Trans-Antarctica with such an excellent product.”

Scott Koopman

Big Sky Conference Football Official, 2003

“I had the opportunity to use my new MAXIT® bodysuit this past weekend for the first time. It exceeded my expectations!! At game time the temperature was twelve degrees with a 15 mph wind. As the afternoon progressed I was really impressed with how moisture wicked away. I never felt like there was much variation in the warmth provided. When exerting, I didn’t feel clammy or overheated, but at the same time, while standing waiting for TV timeouts, was nice and warm. Great product.”

Gary Nate

Warren Miller Photographer

"As a Warren Miller Photographer I work in all types of weather conditions. Over the years I have tried all types of performance clothing. I have found the MAXIT® performance clothing to outperform all others. In my experience nothing compares to MAXIT when it comes to quality and performance.”

Neil Mueller

Everest Summit June 2, 2005

“I chose to wear the MAXIT® Bodysuit against my skin as a base-layer because I trusted MAXIT clothing and because the one-piece construction would prevent any heat loss near my waist. My selection was confirmed when in poor weather conditions I made the summit and was warm and elated on the top of the world!”

Dwayne Mandrusiak

Equipment Manager, Edmonton Eskimo Football, 2004

“I have been involved with the Edmonton Eskimo Football Club for the past thirty-three years and over that time we have supplied our players with many different types of performance apparel. I have yet to find any type of apparel that is as effective as the product supplied by MAXIT®. MAXITperformance apparel allows us the maximum comfort and effectiveness without affecting the fit or protection of the equipment our players wear.”

Andy Hampsten

Winner of the 1988 Giro d’Italia

“When I raced through a snow storm in the 1988 Giro d’Italia I had to choose my gear carefully. I wanted to win the race, and staying fast but warm was the trick. I relied on a HEADGATOR® to cover my face from the eyes down. There is no doubt it helped me stay warm enough to make the remaining 25 kilometers to Bormio. Thanks for the great gear!”